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Will you still remember me well?

I saw Why? for the third time tonight in San Francisco. They played my favorite song, "Gemini (Birthday Song)" which is about sexual escapades. (Your legs are two skinny dolphins swimming/between the mattress and the layers of bedding...) It is easily the catchiest song I've heard recently. I am a Gemini... We found out some things, too. These bands (including Aqueduct) do check their MySpace pages. So, they read people's messages on there!
We also hung around Emeryville and ate at Jenn's and my favorite grill place in Bay Street. My insides melted again.

I dreamt of wonderful things last night

This had been a busy week, even though it's just a regular week. I wonder what would happen during midterms/finals week? I haven't seen many people at all. I've managed to see only one friend during my one-hour break between classes. Otherwise I'm usually busy when they aren't. I allot most of my free time to nap. This should make me feel a bit lonely but I'm so busy/tired all the time I can't really care. It's not exactly a depressing thought; it's just a pattern my life has fallen to.

Therefore, I felt so free just being free at around 9 last night. So excited that I nearly fell asleep during a folk show. So excited I moved into a box. But really, I do miss you guys...

goodbye foreign accents

I am back on American soil, after getting up at 6:15am in Paris this morning (or technically, yesterday)
Here are some picture highlights:Collapse )

I'm already starting to miss... Orangina, good quiche, sandwiches, French wine and crepes

i made you up

i am
passing by strangers
circles and lines and rectangles of
crowds gather the narrow pebble streets
disordered against uneven discoloured shops;
tiny thin doors sitting downhill carrying windows

looking down on me.

down the Royal Mile
starting with the castle
connecting to a palace
enclosed by a seat on a hill
Arthur's Seat
drowned out by 5am fog
and i

all there is
are the voices yet
none of them match up;
i. shop
a boy hugging a stuffed bear
with mother saying, "c'est tres chere!"
while the lady takes it away with, "cheers!"
ii. sidewalk
a girl dragging a jump rope
with grandmother insisting, "we must go!"
while she stamps on her shoelaces.
iii. park
a couple shuffling on a blanket
with boy leaning forward without a word
while the girl closed her eyes

but where am i,
still streets away from the Circus
a car cutting right in front,
one foot still on sidewalk
because i had forgotten to look to my left
(yet again)

on the way home i decided
there was a reason
there was something
odd about everyday.
i noted the toilet seat cover
i found tucked beside the curb
of a busy street.

I started making this up while Katrina visited me in Edinburgh yesterday. I made two whole trips to the train station. I made it.


Why are you still reading this? Remember, it's mostly friends only.

1am 2 times.

2am just hit, and the computer automatically reverted back to 1am. I am repeating history.