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Yawen is a geek
24 May 1985
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I started this journal back in 2000 when I was 14! I am from California, now in New York City. I graduated sort-of recently (oh-seven) - for some years now with a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology/Human Development from University of California at Davis. For now I'm spending most of my time producing/project managering for digital/interactive web experiences in NYC. I am always looking for new projects, new events, new ideas.

I've converted most entries into friends-only, but we can still be lj friends; just comment and I'll let you in.

I enjoy cutely strange stuff, especially music. I like slightly mean people. I like nice people too, but they're probably not-so-nice inside.

what i've been listening to......

deradio - radio journal
shymusing - public thoughts
shyphoto - daily photos
fieldtrips - dreams