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No longer in CA

I'm officially in NY now. Virgin America wasn't any different from Jet Blue except it had mood lighting and plugs between the seats (which proved to be super useful). However, VA only allowed ONE luggage so it was a freakin nightmare dragging my 60 lb+ bag around, which was more than half my weight. I sleepily decided taking a cab wasn't worth it. I would have found that to be true if it weren't for the elevator-less G train. The worst part was the 3 flights of stairs, but Jenn helped. AHH can't believe i'm living here now!!!1

So, since it's still slightly early, I suppose it's time for a nap before my phone interview. NAPTIME.

Last days

Today was the last class day in one class, as well as the last undergrad exam.
Tomorrow will be the last class ever as an undergrad.
Friday will be my last day of work at the Extension.
Next Tuesday at around 5 p.m. I will be officially done with UC Davis.

I almost want to celebrate, throw a last-minute gathering of some sort. But, what am I really celebrating?

Tahiti green tea

...is now one of my favorites. Been carrying that virus that infected every one of my roommates. Not sleeping much for two nights does not help. All I need is a little Jamba Juice with immunity boost.
I haven't eaten anything solid today. I can count what I have consumed today on two fingers.

Things to look forward to:
Gravy Train!!! in Berkeley
The Blow/of Montreal in San Francisco


I know there had been earthquakes back in the bay, but not so long ago, there were quakes here too (two, the aftershock was nearly as strong as the initial) near the "southern tip" of Taiwan.

soaked socks/hearts

My nights have now been an endless cycle of films, vodka and cheese. Rainy days are best with rainy day activities: keeping dry inside. Tonight this one made me scream, laugh, and cry.
I'm driving back to San Jose this weekend because work has been cancelled on Sunday. I don't have much to say but you should still have coffee with me.

otherwise known as...

daughter, sister, friend's sister, cousin, niece, neighbor, roommate, ex-roommate, friend, friend of a friend, stranger, ex-friend/girlfriend, boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, girlfriend's friend, acquaintance, student, classmate, customer, employee, co-worker, DJ, design director, layout artist, research assistant, instructional assistant, conversation partner, livejournal/myspace user, livejournal friend, online stalker

see, I did come up with some labels. what am I to you?




Today will be the most terrible day, ever. (It'll just be a severely long day which will leave me very, very dead)

But, happy birthday Vanessa!

G St, of course!


Hello. Please participate in my survey! I promise it will not reveal harmful truths (not ones you won't already know anyway)! It is supereasy -- just a memory recall test, and perhaps I will get to know you a little better. I will not fully reveal what I am doing, but I know at least one boy on my friends list who knows since he is in my class.

Come on, let's do this!Collapse )